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Ms. Yang Huicong, a native of Nanjing, Jiangsu and a talented young Guzheng performer, graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts(南京艺术学院), and later studied under the renowned Guzheng performer Yuan Sha(袁莎) from the Central Conservatory of Music(中音乐学院). She devoted herself to the study and teaching of Guzheng, and was highly praised for her unique performance style, thereafter receiving guidance from Professor Li Meng(李萌). She is currently the Director of the Chinese National Instrumental Music Society(中国民族器乐学会), and serves as a judge in Guzheng competitions.

Ms Yang came to Singapore in 2011 and founded the Yang Huicong Guzheng Arts Center(杨蕙聪古筝艺术中心), deeply rooted here to promote traditional Chinese music in Southeast Asia. Frequently invited to perform at both political and important social events, she spurs the nurturing of Guzheng talents today.

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